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Travel Pics- Signs

Kristopher Artz July,2012 No Comments

I have this thing for taking pictures of signs whenever I travel to places. To be honest my wife does too, and a few of these are her shots.  Anyways, here are just a few we have collected from various locations…  Enjoy!

Remember “Harry and the Hendersons”?

Along Pikes Peak Highway, Pikes Peak, CO

A little East Coast Lovin…

Pier on Hatteras Island, Outter Banks, NC


Beer Ware Where? Any neon beer sign is cool in my book…

Pike Brewery @ Pikes Place Market, Seattle WA


There is so much more to see than just the Valley…

Directional sign right after crossing into Yosemite NP from Inyo NF


What is life if we don’t have dreams?

Inspirational Brass inlay on concrete walk


I’ve never seen such a new one of these…

Fairly self explanatory


Next to Beer or Scotch, COFFEE is my favorite beverage…

Location of Starbucks first store (1971), Pikes Place Market, Seattle WA


Thanks for alerting me!

Gore Range Wilderness Area, Piney Lake, CO (outside Vail)


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