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Strawberry Shortcake… With a Twinkie?

Kristopher Artz April,2012 1 Comment
Strawberry Shortcake… With a Twinkie?

One of those foods you can’t help but associate with summer camping is strawberry shortcake. Of course there’s no better foundation than homemade angel food cake to top with fresh berries and whipped cream, but here is a super fast and simple way to enjoy those fresh berries with extremely little effort.

Easily Pack-able


  • Fresh Berries:  Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry (your seasonal favorite.)
  • Twinkie
I prefer to mash up a small  portion of the berries before I assemble my shortcake. That  gets some really good berry  juice that you can spoon over the top of your cake before adding your sliced strawberries. Top with your berries and that’s it! The whipped cream is already included.
You could take this as a special treat that you could prepare on a hike or a backpacking trip (provided it’s not extremely hot). Just compartmentalize  the Twinkie and whole berries to keep them from getting smashed. When the mood strikes, take a bite of Twinkie followed by a bite of berry. No utensils required.
I  went camping with my two daughters this past weekend. Neither of them had a Twinkie before, so this was a really fun treat for them. I didn’t tell my girls there was cream in the middle, so they were quite surprised when they cut into their cake! Since we were car camping, my wife made whipped cream from scratch to put on top of berries if someone wanted to bypass the Twinkie, but Emma wanted the whipped cream on top of her Twinkie shortcake!

A Seven Year Old Girl's Vision of Perfection

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  1. Albion July,2014 at

    What a fun twist on strawberry shortcake! Thanks for linking up with The Caffeinated Crafters!

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