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SOG Aegis Tanto Knife Review

Kristopher Artz October,2012 1 Comment

One of THE necessities anybody should have with them when venturing into the outdoors is a knife of some sort. There are so many instances where a knife comes in handy or quite possibly may be needed to save your life. This is my review of  my SOG Aegis knife with the Tanto blade. I purchased it nearly a year ago, so I have had plenty of chances to put it to the test.

Let me start off by saying $114 for a knife seems a little ridiculous, but the old saying “you get what you pay for” is an old saying for a reason. That being said, I am a huge advocate of saving money, so when I purchased mine, I found it on eBay for $53 (shipping included). For that price, this knife is a fantastic VALUE!

Manufacturer specs:

MSRP: $114.00

Steel: AUS 8

Handle: Glass-filled nylon, Santoprene inserts

Blade Length: 3-1/2 in.

Closed Length: 4-7/8 in.

Overall Length: 8-1/4 in.

Weight: 3.1 oz


The knife has quite a few nice features…

The knife is very light for it’s size but when it’s folded and I hold it in my hand, it feels like a substantial piece of equipment. It’s very ergonomic and fits well into my fairly large hand. The edges are rounded and smooth and just feels nice. The assisted opening is a pretty amazing feature. This is the first and only knife I own that is assisted opening and I like it very much. One thing to beware of is when you pull the knife out and open it, it flips into place so quickly and with a fairly loud snap. My experience is anyone that is near me and unfamiliar with assisted opening knives thinks that it is a switch blade.  Rest assured it is not. I do like how once you engage it with the thumb stud, it is in it’s open position in a split second. The safety lock is probably a feature I could do without. I keep the knife in my pocket and have never had an issue with it wanting to open on it’s own. Although, once in motion, it opens quickly and easily, it takes a fair amount of force and range of motion to begin to open it before the assist kicks in. That being said, I do have a three year old daughter, so when I do put the knife up and away, I lock it with the safety just in case. The pocket clip is good sized but is so tight, I rarely if ever use it. I usually just have it in the bottom of my front pocket, but since it’s a good sized knife, I don’t have issues reaching in and grabbing it when I need to.

Once it’s in the open position, it really feels nice in my hand. with a quarter of a turn in my hand, my index finger wraps all the way around and rests nicely in the scalloped notch, and my thumb naturally finds itself directly on top of the  knife where the blade and the handle intersect. The ridges on top of the handle when combined with the jimping create a great amount of friction to keep my thumb from sliding forward or back.

Besides being razor sharp from the factory, the Tanto blade has many additional features and is pretty universal. As you can see the portion closest to the handle is serrated. This makes cutting things like rope, wire or small tree branches very easy. In front of the serrations is the main cutting area. It works well for both push and pullcuts. The angular Tanto blade tip is a shape I was not familiar with prior to purchasing this knife. Since I have several other more “traditional” curved bladed knives, I thought I would give this shape a try. I like the angular look of the blade, but other’s opinions vary. The straight portion on the tip is nice for scraping on flat things or removing , and with the blade thickness going all the way to the tip, I don’t fear breaking it off if using it to pry things (within reason).  I admit, the angles and tip have taken me a bit of time to get used to and I sometimes still find myself a little frustrated using it for certain tasks. On a fishing trip with my daughter not too long ago, I thought I’d give it a try for cleaning fish. WOW was that a pain. the angle and short length of the tip of the blade made it very difficult to slice open the belly of a medium sized rainbow trout. Finesse or delicate cutting does not appear to be this this blade shape’s strong suit. To be honest, I think now that I have one knife with this blade shape, I probably don’t need another. This knife has been a great knife so far and I look forward to using it for years to come. I believe that although the blade shape does take some getting used to, I find myself constantly putting it to the test with new uses or doing things with it (like prying) that I wouldn’t dream of doing with some of my other knives.


This knife is lightweight yet durable. Fairly versatile. It is very quick opening & easy to close. It’s balanced, ergonomic and handles great. I would not be upset or disappointed if I had paid the full retail price, but if your interested in buying one like it, do like I did. Look around a little bit and save yourself some money by getting it on sale.

Disclosure: I own this product and purchased it using my own funds.

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  1. ThreeDeep June,2013 at

    I like this knife because it is essentially three different blades (serrated, and then the two straight blades). I’ve had my Aegis for a couple of years now and it has never let me down.

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