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Shady Canyon Trail- Irvine CA

Kristopher Artz June,2012 No Comments

Shady Canyon Trail- Irvine CA


This hike of the week led me to Shady Canyon Trail located in Irvine, about ten minutes away from John Wayne airport. It was an easy beginner hike that is great for families, hiking, biking, running and even bringing your pets for a stroll. There is the option of either a dirt or asphalt path. There are many different trails here but we did Shady Canyon to Bommer Canyon Trailhead which was 5.2 miles round trip, with an elevation gain of 523 feet. It took just under 2 hours to complete.

Along our journey we came across something I have never seen before in the wilderness; Wild Artichokes which were easy to spot with their bright purple flowers against the browns and greens of the landscape.

We did not see too many animals (just a cotton tail rabbit or two), most likely due to the heavy traffic of people jogging and biking, but I would imagine in the mornings you would be able to spot deer and coyotes roaming around.

There were a few bridges we passed over with a small stream flowing beneath. Also, Strawberry Hills Golf Course was seen from above.



I really enjoyed this hike and plan on doing this hike again, possibly even do a further trail.


Thank You Alyson for sharing your Adventure.


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