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Peanut Butter Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Kristopher Artz May,2012 1 Comment
Peanut Butter Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Here’s a kids camping activity that is fun for kids of all ages, is easy to do and will attract nearby squirrels and a variety of birds.

There are only 4 items needed…

  1. Pine Cones- Find them! That can be an activity in itself.
  2. Peanut Butter- Any will work, but unsalted is probably better…we don’t need a bunch of squirrels with high blood pressure running around.
  3. Bird Seed- We used a “Wild Bird Feed Basic Blend”
  4. String- We used a brown Raffia like string that would decompose quickly once the pine cones were picked clean.
Using a butter knife or spatula, generously apply peanut butter to the pine cone. Once covered, roll pine cone in bird seed and cover thoroughly. If you want to hang your pine cone, tie the string to the top of it.

We covered some pine cones that we hung and some that we did not…

Lone Cone Waiting

Lone Cone Hanging

It does not take long to make these, but the good news is, it also does not take long for the birds to find them.  These can get a little messy, but your camping right?  The mess that is created to make these really pays off when the birds and squirrels find them. For a 15-20 minute project, you can get hours of critter watching enjoyment.

First to Find our Hanging Cone. A Steller's Jay.

Here’s a tip. Pack a bird guide book and help your kids identify some of the birds you see. They will enjoy looking at the illustrations or photos and you may learn to identify some new birds as well.

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  1. April @ illistyle June,2014 at

    Cool activity! As a Camp Director’s wife and mom of a 4 year old I am always looking for fun outdoor activities for my daughter. Thank you for sharing at the Caffeinated Crafters Link Party :)

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