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Omelette Breakfast Sandwich

Kristopher Artz August,2012 1 Comment

I have found there are many mornings, both camping or simply at home, that you really want a quick, hot breakfast with minimal preparation or cleanup.  Here’s a recipe for a breakfast sandwich that you can modify or add ingredients and quickly and easily come up with combination that will please everyone.

If your camping and looking to make a breakfast meal as simple as possible, there are several things you can do ahead of time that will help to minimize your on site prep time.


If you don’t want to worry about breaking eggs in a cooler, you can purchase pre-scrambled liquid eggs like “Egg Beaters.”  Another option is to crack your own eggs and put them in a plastic container with a leakproof lid. Once your on site, all you need to do is pull the container out of the cooler and pour into your hot pan.


I love the smell of cooking bacon at a campsite, but the cleanup is often a hassle. The splattering grease, cleaning of the pan and disposing of the hot bacon grease where animals cannot get to it can all be problematic. My quick and easy solution is buy the precooked bacon bits. These are not the dried, hard ones like “Bacos” these are soft real pieces of bacon already cooked and ready to use. Just add a pinch or a handful to your omelette… you won’t be able to tell the difference.


You can substitute bagels or provide both. I know pre-sliced Muffins or bagels are not really a time savings, but they can be safer. According to the Wall Street Journal,  nearly 2,000 people ended up in Emergency rooms in 2008 due to improper bagel slicing injuries. I don’t want to sound like a Nanny,  but I the way I look at it, a trip to the emergency room for something this simple would be a major bummer. You can toast them over a campfire for a little extra flavor, or put them face down on a hot pan to crisp them up.


American cheese wouldn’t necessarily be my first cheese choice but it certainly is easy and convenient. When your looking for simplicity it is tough to beat plus it melts quickly, but any pre-sliced cheese will work great.

The great thing about theses sandwiches are you can easily add or subtract ingredients for different taste preferences. Add ham, or sausage to/or instead of bacon. Dehydrated onions are a very quick and easy flavor enhancer. Veggies like peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and tomatoes make a kick butt vegetarian omelette sandwich and serving your omelette  on a muffin or bagel make it a finger food so there is no need to wash knives and forks.

Basically,  an omelette is pretty much a clean slate for any ingredients you want to add, and putting it on an English muffin or bagel makes it easy to eat without the need for a lot of extra dishes. This is one of those breakfast meals that with a little forethought and preparation will break your camping breakfast monotony.

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  1. brian artz August,2012 at

    That is great. Looks tasty to me and so quick and easy. Cheap too if you think about it. Quit an adventurist you are.

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