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Campfire Links… Recipes

Kristopher Artz May,2012 1 Comment

Gather round the campfire to share your best camping recipes…

I’m compiling this fantastic list of camping recipes. Check them out, and if you know of one or have one to share, please add it below…

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  1. Shivam June,2012 at

    When we go camping, we take an old pealtcroer coffee pot with us. You put the grounds in the top and water in the bottom and cook right over the fire. That is my suggestion if you want good coffee. It really is good, too. If Walmart doesn’t sell these, try tag sales or salvation army stores. You could also try a sporting goods store. They might have something special for camping that I don’t know about for coffee. Of course, there is always instant if you are desparate. Also, in the tea/coffee section of the market you should be able to find what essentially is a teabag with coffee grounds in it. The idea is to add hot water and let it steep. Not sure how good it tastes though. In my book, bad coffee is better than none at all. Good luck!

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