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National S’mores Day, 2012

Kristopher Artz August,2012 No Comments

S'mores ingredients photo by Pamela Michelle Johnson

It’s amazing how many National ______ Days there are, but really, so many of them are pretty goofy. I know a lot of people get excited on the day where you are supposed to talk like a pirate, but I usually feel pretty silly trying to participate in those things.

BUT… here’s one anyone can participate in and not have to dress like a submarine commander or do the Cha Cha in public. -National S’mores Day. Almost everyone that has gone camping or had a backyard campfire has had the pleasure of making and eating  s’mores.

I think this is a great excuse (as if one’s needed) to enjoy a good time with friends and/or family making and eating a tasty desert that I feel is a true Outdoor American tradition. Go ahead and toast me one up…I just don’t like mine burned.

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