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National Park Foundation Electronic Fieldtrip

Kristopher Artz August,2012 No Comments

Are you an educator looking for a new way to incorporate video content into your curriculum? Perhaps your just someone who loves to learn about the biodiversity of  our National Parks. Either way, The National Park Foundation has a televised broadcast from some of our Nation’s National Parks, that features Park Rangers and youth co-hosts.  The National Parks Foundation has included a website with downloadable lesson plans for teachers and it also includes interactive games for students. This is an entertaining way to educate all (especially young people) about some of the natural wonders that can be found within some of our Natural Parks or Historical Sites. I think  it is also a great means to get someone excited about and learn a little about a Park they are preparing to visit.

Here is a screenshot of the homepage…

The latest video is embedded into the lower part of the home page and it plays without leaving the page.

Here is a view of the website that has the lesson plans and interactive games….

Here is a screenshot of one of the previous EFT’s about the Grand Teton National Park…


Accessing the previous or archived versions of the EFT’s is not quite as straight forward as I think it should be. Be prepared to link to several different locations in order to access the broadcasts. The Teton’s one for example, links to the Ball State University website and then you navigate and link once again to access the broadcast. It’s really only a slight inconvenience for the amount of information and entertainment you will get from the site. Remember it’s geared for students, so the “cheese factor” is pretty high, but again it’s a fantastic resource for learning about science issues like biodiversity, history and nature. Please check it out here… you won’t be disappointed!


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