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Lowest Price on Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

Kristopher Artz August,2012 5 Comments

If you watched  my video about making Backpacking Breakfast Burritos, you saw that I used Mountain House’s freeze dried scrambled eggs with bacon. I’ve shopped around in stores and online, and the lowest price I’ve found for a variety of Mountain House’s freeze dried foods is at Walmart.

$5.44 Low Low Price

Their  selection is not huge but they typically have about 8 entrees, and a desert or possibly two.

If you search online hard enough, sometimes you can find a slightly lower price, but it works out to be still very close. The only difference is online, you might be able to find a slightly greater selection, but if you need freeze dried food  for a last minute backpacking trip… ordering online is kind of out of the question.

I don’t often eat freeze dried food when I’m camping or even on most of my backpacking trips, but when I do, after having searched around for the lowest price on Mountain House’s products and I have found them at Walmart.

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  1. brian artz August,2012 at

    Hell yeah brother. Cheap stuff always at walmart. You’ve always been big outdoors. So this don’t surprise me. Its awesome investing on EP or jus outdoors items. Got to be prepared in my mind. Lots of ep food lots of bullets too lol great cheap shopping at Walmart

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