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Learn About Wildflowers…Take a Hike

Kristopher Artz May,2012 No Comments
Learn About Wildflowers…Take a Hike

If you love flowers and especially Wildflowers, you probably already know that May 7th-13th, 2012 is National Wildflower Week. This isn’t a Hallmark holiday. You don’t need to buy anyone  a card or chocolates. This is simply a week set aside to celebrate the beauty of wildflowers. The thing about wildflowers is there are so many varieties, and since they are found regionally, it is not very difficult to go almost anywhere and find some.

Purple Lupine Near Yosemite

Outdoor Activity:

Do a quick internet search and learn about 2 or 3 common wildflowers found in your area. Learn how to identify them. Print off a fact sheet or a few images. Grab a friend or load up you kids and head out for a  nature walk or hike. While walking or hiking, see if you can locate or identify the wild flowers that you researched.

If you can’t find them, at the very least you have had a great time in the outdoors with a good friend, or enjoyed hiking with your kids.

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