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Kids Travel And Camping Bins

Kristopher Artz April,2013 No Comments

Helping keep kids organized can be a huge struggle when traveling or camping. My wife and I have tried several different methods to help keep our daughters things organized on road trips or camping outings.Everything from individual backpacks (which is the second best method in my opinion) to ziplock bags. This has been one of the best and least expensive that I have found thus far.  For just under $4 at Walmart, I found (2) of these lightweight Rubbermaid  ”take Along” bins.

Each of my daughters gets her own tub and they put in toys, activities or things to keep them occupied. Both of my daughters love to draw so they have small sketchbooks and crayons or colored pencils in there. We also include a few snacks so we don’t have to pull the car over or try to dig them out when the girls complain about being hungry. The rule we try to adhere to is of course, when your finished with something, put it back into the tub. That’s often easier said than done, but since the tubs don’t hold 3/4 of their entire playroom, it’s much easier to manage and keep all of their things organized. My only gripe about these particular tubs are the lids don’t snap on very tightly, but that also works out perfectly for my 3 year old since she often has a difficult time putting on and removing those anyways. The other thing I am planning on doing on our next camping trip is giving them a variety pack of colored Sharpie markers and letting them personalize their bins. That will be an activity to keep them occupied for a bit while I prepare dinner and they will be excited to make their bins unique.

These tubs or bins have worked great for my daughters. The size is just right, and they are made from a lightweight fairly flexible plastic. They crush several times before they break , and since they are pretty inexpensive and easy to find, you can replace them when they need to be…(after the kids step on them or drop them repeatedly).

Well, that’s what I have found so far as the best way to keep my kids traveling stuff organized and together. You of course may find you need larger or smaller containers but the idea is sound. Give it a shot and please let me know if this isn’t one of the best ways you’ve found to keep your kids stuff organized on a road or camping trip.

Disclosure: I own these plastic tubs and I purchased them using my own funds. I have used them as I stated above and I will continue to use them until I find something better. Thank you.

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