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Kabobs! Let’s Grill…

Kristopher Artz May,2012 No Comments
Kabobs! Let’s Grill…

With a variety of meats and vegetables, everyone is bound to find something they like, and you can do much of the prep work at home.

Cubed Chicken Breast Marinated in Light Italian Dressing with Onions, Red and Yellow Peppers and Kielbasa

Start by choosing a meat… or two… or even three. The more the better. That is, unless everyone eating are vegetarians.

  • Pieces of Sirloin or Round (if tenderized) are suggested by the “Beef it’s whats for dinner” website.  You can pretty much use any fairly tender cut that you want.  Fillet is so tender, juicy and yummy but it can get very costly if your feeding more than a few people.
  • Kielbasa is a Polish Sausage. Having been raised in Wisconsin, It was kind of a main staple. It’s very inexpensive, adds an extra level of variety and is usually pre-cooked so you don’t have to worry about it not being done at the same time as other meats. My entire family loves it, and most kids that like hot dogs will enjoy this very flavorful (not spicy) meat.
  • Boneless,skinless Chicken breasts are a super safe choice. Nearly anyone will eat boneless, skinless Chicken breasts.

Top Sirloin Cubes Rubbed with Olive Oil and a Montreal Steak Seasoning Blend

Veggies gone wild… If it can be skewered it can go on a kabob.

  • Onions and Colored Peppers are very common. I personally am not a huge fan of  Green peppers, but Red and Yellow…MMMM.
  • We have actually taken canned potatoes and carefully skewered and grilled them. They turned out very good.
  • Whole Mushrooms are a common favorite for kabobs. I will rub just a small amount of olive oil on them for flavor before I skewer them.
  • Whole small Tomatoes. Watch out for super hot insides.
  • Chunks of Zucchini and/or Squash… once again a little olive oil will flavor them and help them get a slight char when grilled.
  • Let your imagination run wild.

My final recommendation is use a fairly heavy duty metal skewer. Many metal skewers are flat. This is better because it helps keep the food from spinning on the skewer as you flip them, thus allowing you to cook the other side.

Pre-Dinner Kabob Assembly

Well, there you have it. The nearly endless combinations of ingredients, combined with the ease of cooking and cleaning up, make Kabobs quite possibly one of the most perfect camping foods. If you have a favorite kabob combination, please share it below.

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