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Hiking Grab-n-Go Box

Kristopher Artz February,2013 No Comments

Have you ever been in such a hurry to get on the road or so excited about an upcoming hiking trip that in your haste and excitement, you forgot something important? I know I have. Quite some time ago, I saw the movie 127 Hours. The one scene that sticks in my mind more than any other in the movie is where the character playing Aron Ralston is just grabbing stuff and throwing it into his backpack. At one point he can’t reach or find his Swiss Army knife so he grabs the cheap backup instead. I don’t know if that really happened that way, or if it would have made a difference in his situation, but the scene really had an impact on me. Besides that, I’m the kind of guy that likes organizing stuff and knowing where things are, so I am sharing one method I use to keep most of my miscellaneous hiking necessities together. I keep them in a small plastic container that I can fit onto the top shelf of my closet and grab quickly knowing that most of my stuff is in it. Then all I have to remember are the easy things like my map, boots, a jacket and my pack. Below is a diagram of the contents of my box. The thing is, everyone is different and prefers to take different items, so put in your bin what works for you.

I believe there are certain necessities like a small first aid kit, a knife, a compass and a way to start a fire that everyone should have with them on any length of trip so I am sure to keep those in my box so I can easily transfer them to my pack. The other things are stuff I use on over-nighters. If I’m just day tripping it, I don’t put the jetboil, oatmeal, freeze dried meals… well you get the idea. The point is, in the excitement or haste, it’s easier to remove items than to remember which ones not to forget. I hope this tip helps you to get pre-organized and saves you a forgotten item or two.

I’d like to hear what items you’d include in your box that I may have forgotten, so I can add them to my box. Thanks for sharing.

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