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Hellman Wilderness Park- Sycamore Canyon, Whittier CA

Kristopher Artz June,2012 No Comments

Hellman Wilderness Park, Sycamore Canyon is Located in Whittier, CA


The Hellman Wilderness Park has a few different trails but our map led us to the Sycamore Canyon Trail.

At first I was a little sketchy; we started out on a paved road and even passed a work truck. However, after about 10 minutes on the paved road it became a dirt path and the real adventure began.

We started the hike at 9:00 am and were expecting to see the morning critters up and at ‘em. Sure enough cotton tails were running across the path and hiding under the many acres of cacti. They were moving too fast and I couldn’t get a picture in time. Further ahead though, we were able to get a good shot of a deer up on the hill watching us!


The Sycamore Trail turned out to be a really beautiful hike. It was quiet, close to home, about 3 miles long and great for beginners. We got lucky enough that it was overcast in the morning and didn’t get too hot but by the time we reached the top of the hill (which is about 400 feet up) the heat was creeping in. I recommend this hike just make sure you have your eyes peeled because there are rattlesnakes slithering around!


Thank You Alyson for sharing your Adventure.


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