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Grilled Chocolate & Banana Quesadilla

Kristopher Artz June,2012 No Comments

When it comes to epic taste combinations, I find it hard to beat chocolate and banana. Here is a very easy dessert that includes those two ingredients, and you can make it on a grill at home or as a special treat while camping.


Banana: This is one of Mother Nature’s most perfect fruits. According to the bananasweb.com website, bananas do everything from help reduce depression to restore normal bowel function. I especially like that they come in their own compostable wrapper.

Flour Tortillas: Any small flour tortillas will work. The taco sized ones make a perfect dessert portion.

Chocolate: There are recipes out there that recommend using chocolate chips, but those take longer to melt inside the tortilla and increase the risk of charring or burning the  tortilla. Nutella chocolate and hazelnut spread is well…spreadable. I feel the Hazelnut adds a little extra layer of flavor complexity and slightly reduces the overall sweet factor.


Begin by spreading the chocolate into the tortilla. Add as much as you prefer. There of course is no right or wrong amount. Once the chocolate has been spread, slice about 1/2 of a banana per tortilla. Keep it to one side of the tortilla because after you have sliced the banana, fold the tortilla in half.

Next, place the assembled quesadilla directly onto the hot grill. You don’t have to leave them long before flipping them. This is another area that you can do to taste. If you prefer the tortilla to be a little crispy on the outside leave it on the grill longer, but I prefer some simple grill marks and a warmed through, still soft tortilla. Experiment and see which way you prefer.

That’s all there is to it. Now you have a solid foundation which you can begin to modify if you desire. Imagine adding strawberries or marshmallows to the mix… WHOA, keep those flavor combinations coming, and can you eat just one?

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