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Grilled BBQ Chicken Pizza

Kristopher Artz August,2012 2 Comments

Sometimes I want to make a meal at camp that is unexpected or surprising. Pizza is one of those meals, and when it comes to pizza, my family enjoys BBQ chicken. This recipe is just as delicious and simple to prepare when camping as at home.

Most of the ingredients can be prepared, measured and packed at home. Begin with a pre-made pizza crust. You can pre-make your own from scratch (which is actually easier than it sounds) or you can purchase one at the store that is pre-made (Bobli for example).


I typically place the crust on an old pizza pan but I have been known to grill it on my ceramic pizza stone. I have heard of people placing the crust directly onto the grill grate but I have not done it myself.

Brush the BBQ sauce onto the pizza crust. I apply a generous amount, but add as much as your taste preferences require.

Next, spread the cheese around generously and evenly. I like a mozzarella and cheddar blend, but I have seen recipes with everything from monterey jack to gouda. This is your pizza, so if you have a different favorite combination…use it!

After the cheese has been spread, place the chicken onto your pizza. I used chicken that was left over from a whole roasted chicken. I picked the remaining meat off of the carcass and it makes for an excellent pizza topping. If you don’t have roasted chicken left overs, grill and chop some breasts or tenders.

The saute’ed red onions require the most work, but are actually quite easy. Thinly slice them so they are longer in length. Heat a little olive oil and begin to saute’ them. When they begin to soften, add a little brown sugar and a pat of butter. This sweetens and helps to caramelize them.  Don’t over do them. You want them to be soft and flexible but not too mushy. Again this is a step that can be done ahead of time and packed to go.  When your assembling your pizza, spread them around the top.

That’s it…assembled and ready for the grill. Since all of the ingredients are pre-cooked the grill just heats everything, melts the cheese and slightly crisp ens the crust. If I had to guess, the grill would be in the high to med-high range, and about 15 mins. should do it. Just keep your eye on it and make sure it doesn’t get too blackened. You can tell it’s done when the cheese is browned and bubbling.

MMMM…a glass of petite syrah (or a beer) and you have a meal that your camping friends will talk about for months afterwards.


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  1. brian artz August,2012 at

    Ooh I love it! Dinner at your place? Lol

  2. Kristopher Artz August,2012 at

    If you come to CA this Labor Day weekend I will for sure make this for you! If you can’t make it out here, you can make this at home quickly and easily. Give it a shot. I think you guys will really enjoy it.

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