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General Grant Tree Trail, Kings Canyon NP

Kristopher Artz April,2012 1 Comment
General Grant Tree Trail, Kings Canyon NP

The General Grant Tree Trail is an easy 1/2 mile hike through a grove of giant Sequoias. I highly recommend paying the $1 for the self guided tour map and brochure.

During the Summer and fall, you will have to fight the crowds, but if you go in the winter, it’s possible to experience these wonders of nature in near isolation.

Fighting the Crowds?

As you can see, the trail is not maintained but it is still an easy walk through a Wintery Wonderland. When We came across Fallen Monarch, My daughter was amazed that we could go inside this tree that had fallen over. I found the photos and history of who, and how people have inhabited this marvel to be fascinating.

Inside Fallen Monarch

The decayed and burned out openings within the Fallen Monarch presented some opportunities to frame unique views of surrounding giant Sequoias.

View Looking Out of Fallen Monarch

Gamlin Cabin


At 267′ tall, and nearly 30′ in diameter, General grant is the worlds second largest Sequoia. The sheer height of it and its proximity to surrounding trees makes it very difficult to photograph in it’s entirety but I think this photo really says it all.

Emma Taking  in The General Grant Tree

After seeing the worlds second largest tree (by volume) the surrounding sequoias seem small, but no less beautiful.

Pure Beauty and Majesty



This is fun and very easy hike that has lots of learning opportunities for kids and adults alike.

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