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Fozzils Ultralight Backpacking Bowl Review

Kristopher Artz June,2013 No Comments

I was first introduced to the folding bowl concept several years ago when I came across an Orikaso bowl… I was pleasantly surprised with its performance but my main gripes with it were the folding tabs were fairly cumbersome and the polypropylene material seemed very thin and felt flimsy, especially when hot liquidy type foods were put into it.

Some time later, I came across the Fozzils fold flat bowl, and I knew I had try it out. The Fozzils bowl uses an odor free food grade BPA free polypropylene plastic for this foldable bowl.

Fozzils Flat

First Impressions:

One of the things that I liked when I first saw the Fozzils was the way the bowl snapped together at the corners. The other thing is the polypropylene plastic feels a little bit heavier but in reality when I weighed them on a cooking scale, the Fozzils bowl weighed in at 3 grams less.

tab vs snaps_final

final side by side


The bowl is light weight and stable. You can see that the Fozzils bottom is a square compared to a triangular shaped bottom of the Orikaso. Although both bowls are the same size when flat and laid atop one another, The Fozzils bowl has a smaller rim diameter when snapped together. Another thing that I like about it is that  the bowl is a little deeper. Because the bowl snaps at four points rather than 3, the sides are definitely more rigid. These 2 differences are good when the contents are hot and you are holding the bowl near the rim with your thumb inside the bowl.  I also believe that due to the shape, the bowl is less prone to deforming and getting flimsy when the contents are hot. The Fozzils bowl has held up well, but although I have used it on numerous occasions, I admit I haven’t really abused it.  One thing I think about is if you get a crack, rip or tear, you could patch it with a piece of duct tape if you had to, but I have not yet had to.  The plastic snaps seem quite sturdy and well attached. They don’t unsnap too easily but that’s better because I don’t fear that they will come unsnapped when I pour things into the bowl.

Fozzils Final

It is very easy to snap the bowl together but one of my favorite thing is how easy it is to unfold it and wipe clean… I usually take a small microfiber cloth for drying and wiping things down, etc. They weigh practically nothing, can be rinsed out easily and dry in no time at all.


The bowl itself, when laying flat, measures at approximately 9″ x 10″. Because there is no real thickness to it, it makes packing very easy. It takes up virtually no room in a backpack and because it is made of flexible plastic, it conforms to the shape of the inside wall of my pack.

Final Thoughts:

On the new bowls, Fozzil says they have included a silicone coating on the exterior for non-slip grip, and measuring cup lines but since mine is at least 2 years used and does not have the silicone coating, I cannot say whether or not it is an improvement. I believe that this product is  a very light weight, convenient piece of gear that is easily cleaned and takes up very little room in a backpack.  Although there are times when I will simply eat freeze dried meals right out of the pouch, there’s something that makes sitting down to eat a hot meal out of a bowl, even a folding one, seem a little more civilized, and for an added 37 grams and no loss of room in my pack, It seems a pretty easy trade off.


Below is a photo of the newest model (at the time I wrote this post) and general pricing information with the link to the Fozzils website.

fozzils 2 pack

$9.95 for 2 foldable bowls



Disclosure: I own this product  and purchased it using my own funds.

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