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Coleman LED Rugged Rechargeable Lantern

Kristopher Artz November,2013 No Comments

If you have done much camping at all, you know the importance of a good, reliable source of light. There are quite a few lantern options available today, and with LED technology, they are becoming brighter while extending battery life. In the past I have found most battery powered lanterns to be underwhelming in the brightness category and remembering to pack fresh batteries to be problematic. Of course there are the good old Liquid fuel lanterns, which are more than bright enough, but they also have their issues with running out of fuel and mantles. So, I have to admit I was quite pleased to come across a battery powered lantern that was rechargeable, and manufactured by a trusted name.


I admit, Coleman isn’t necessarily known for their “high end” and “cutting edge” designs, but they do make decent gear at an affordable price. That’s why I was glad to find this lantern at my local Walmart for about $42.00 which included the CPX 6 Rechargeable power system. The rechargeable battery came with 2 chargers. One for a standard wall outlet and another that can plug into a vehicle’s 12V auxiliary power outlet.



lantern weight

Weighing in at a little over 2 pounds, the CPX is

  • Water resistant
  • Runs on 4D batteries or Coleman’s rechargeable CPX6 battery pack
  • Battery pack is rechargeable from wall outlet or a vehicle’s 12V auxiliary power outlet.
  • 3 settings (off, low, high)


After fully charging the battery, I tested the lantern by leaving it on the high setting overnight. The next morning after nearly 10 hours, the lantern was still illuminating pretty brightly, although at a somewhat reduced level. I left the lantern on for an additional few hours and when I returned, it was nearly dead. I began charging the lantern with the wall plug and it took approximately 6.5 hours to reach a full charge.


The Coleman Rugged LED Lantern is reliable and affordable. I wouldn’t say it’s the brightest lantern I’ve used. The Coleman fuel burning lanterns are much brighter, but you need to take mantles and the fuel, and there is always the chance of breaking the glass globes.  Also, the other lanterns get extremely hot and need to be used in a well ventilated area. This LED lantern can be used inside a tent without fear of melting the fabric or asphyxiation. My only concern with this lantern so far has been how easily the plastic globe surrounding the LED has scratched. I’m sure this could have been avoided had I taken more care to pack it, but I think if this lantern came with a similar plastic carrying case as the  fuel lanterns, it would be well protected. I think it would be of great value even if it were to add a few dollars to the overall cost of the lantern. And since this lantern is predominantly designed for car or trailer camping, the added weight and space it would take up would be of very little concern.

All in all, this lantern has been an effective, affordable and reliable addition to our camping gear, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a kid /camp  friendly rechargeable lighting option.

Disclosure: I own this product and purchased it using my own funds.

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