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Caring For Your Sleeping Bag

Kristopher Artz October,2012 No Comments

Anyone that has purchased a sleeping bag fairly recently know what an investment it is. That’s why in this podcast, I’m going to talk about proper washing, drying and storage in order to maximize the life of your bag. If you follow these tips, your bag will keep you warm and cozy for years to come.

 Caring For Your Sleeping Bag

#1. How a sleeping bag keeps you warm- Loft

#2. Loft Types

  •  Down & Synthetic + pros/cons

#3.  Cleaning Your Bag

  • Keep it Clean
  • Spot Treat
  • Non-detergent Soap
  • Hand Wash or Front Load Machine

#4. Dying Your Bag

  • Air Dry
  • No Heat or Very Low Heat Dryer

#5. Storage

  • Short Term Storage- Compression Sacks
  • Long Term Storage- Mesh or Canvas Over Sized Bag


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