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Brown Sugar, Raisin and Candied Walnut Oatmeal

Kristopher Artz April,2012 No Comments
Brown Sugar, Raisin and Candied Walnut Oatmeal


Oatmeal is a fantastic camping food. It’s fast, easily pack-able, warms you up and most importantly stays with you. It’s convenient for either backpacking or car camping. The thing about oatmeal is it’s sort of a blank canvas that anybody can add a variety of ingredients to, to make their own version. Here is one that I like to make, and with candied walnuts and brown sugar, and it’s a guaranteed hit with my girls.


I prefer the more coarse texture of “Old Fashioned” oats. I find with them the oatmeal doesn’t get so sticky. There’s not really a science to making the oatmeal.

  • Put some oats into a bowl.
  • Boil water.
  • Slowly add water to oats and still until you get your desired texture. (I prefer my oatmeal a little more clumpy, and my daughters prefer it a little more runny.)
  • Add a bunch of raisins and Walnuts. (When I’m hiking and expending the energy, I prefer the extra sweetness and calories of the candied Walnuts.)
  • Add brown sugar to desired sweetness.
If you are car camping you will probably have milk that you can add, and maybe even a pat of butter. Do it up the way you like.
That’s it!

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