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Brown Bear & Salmon Cam- Brooks Falls, AK

Kristopher Artz July,2012 No Comments

I want to thank my friend Richie who turned me onto this one.  If you think you have strong will power, by all means head on over to this site while your at work. For the rest of us, it’s better to wait until we are at home.


What an amazing opportunity to watch Alaskan Brown Bears live in action…from the safety of a desk chair. Explore. org has on their website, a bunch of  live cameras.  This is my favorite camera that they offer because I prefer to watch bears catch Salmon over Service puppies chewing on each other.

Head on over to their site and have a look. Just watch out… there are numerous 15 minute increments of time that I cannot account for. Thanks Richie, I’ll get you back somehow….

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