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Blended Coffee

Kristopher Artz March,2013 No Comments

Are you looking for a way to easily make the perfect  cup of coffee while your camping or backpacking that tastes and looks completely gourmet?

Believe it or not, all you need is instant coffee, sugar and hot water. No french press necessary.

It’s actually pretty easy, but there is a little technique to it. It’s not easy to describe so I made this little video to show you how.

It really doesnt get much simpler but the technique does take a little bit of practice.  Like I said in the video, DO NOT add too much water before you begin to blend it. It’s always easier to add very small amounts if you find it not getting creamy. If you add too much water right away, it will not get the white thick creamy consistency that creates the rich foam on top once you add the hot water. My favorite thing about this coffee is the ingredients are so easy to take on a camping or backpacking trip.

If you like your coffee sweetened, give it a try and you might find yourself making this more often than not.

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