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Bass Pro Shops- Fun for Kids of All Ages

Kristopher Artz September,2012 No Comments

The weather here in Southern California has been unbelievably hot for several weeks now. Too hot to do pretty much anything outdoors unless it’s at the beach or near a pool. I’ve been really itching to get out and do something outdoors but even early morning hikes become a scorcher by 10:00am. So what’s the next best thing to being outdoors in the heat? Maybe a trip to my local Bass Pro Shop. I  know what your thinking…  ”Really? An outing to a retail store?”  Well, in my opinion a trip to a Bass Pro Shop with the kids is more than just going shopping. It’s can become a really fun learning experience and an adventure.

Emma & Lily Outside Bass Pro Shops Rancho Cucamonga

The Grand Entrance

Typically, there are different activities for kids to do. Here the kids are supposed to use their casting skills (and a lot of luck) to get a line with a small weight into the 5 gallon buckets.

Lily patiently waiting her turn

Everyone loves to look at the fish in the giant aquarium…

Big OId Catfish

There are different animal tracks to follow…


elevators to ride that go behind the aquarium and below the water level. There are so many things to see, and the space is really huge.

There are taxidermied fish and animals everywhere that you can look at up close …

Fish Hanging from the Ceiling!

One is able to really get a sense of how big Elk are.

Or how small Bobcats are…

My family always has a great time when we visit our local Bass Pro Shop and we always enjoy ourselves, whether we buy something or not. If you get the opportunity to visit one I highly recommend it especially if the weather is too hot or wet to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

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