Terra Firma Adventures


Chain of Lakes Hike, Yosemite NP

The hectic nature of the lives we live and the disconnect from our natural surroundings is not the normal Human condition. I believe there is a part of each of us, that that longs to return to a time when we were closer to nature and the outdoors. For many of us, getting outside and experiencing our amazing world first hand, is the only way to escape the confines of our typical daily existence.

With this blog, I hope to introduce you to some new and exciting places, provide you with helpful information and give you simple tips and ideas of ways to enjoy the outdoors with your self, friends or family.

Terra Firma Adventures is a way for me to share my love of the outdoors with you, and hopefully inspire and motivate you to get out, enjoy nature and have an adventure of your own.

Thank you for Reading-

Kristopher Artz