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5 Worst Things About Camping

Kristopher Artz September,2012 No Comments

Here is my first podcast about the 5 Worst Things About Camping and I include a few ideas of how to fix, deal with or avoid them. ¬†Podcasting is something I have been wanting to periodically incorporate into my blog for quite some time in order to provide you with an alternate means of obtaining information about various outdoor topics or activities. Please listen and let me know if you like the format or have suggestions of how to improve it. Thanks for listening…

5 Worst Things About Camping…

Maybe it should be titled 5 things that can really bring you down on a camping trip but I have already done the podcast so the name stays as is, but here is a summarized list of the things I go over.

#1. Bugs

#2. Rain

#3. Heat or Very Hot Weather

#4. Hidden Fees or Red Tape

#5. Obnoxious Neighbors

Bonus #6. Bad Bathrooms

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