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5 Off Road Camping Trailer Options

Kristopher Artz April,2013 28 Comments
5 Off Road Camping Trailer Options

So my wife and I have been wanting to get a family camper trailer for quite some time now. The only problem is I want something that I can take off roading.  No offense but I’m not a huge fan of KOA or Yogi Bear Campgrounds. My idea of camping is generally me and my family and maybe another close friend or two’s families getting together and that’s about it. No crowds or loud late night guitar playing neighbors, just us and the outdoors. So, I have been doing quite a bit of research and found several varieties of off road camping trailers. The types vary from just a small intelligently designed trailer with a fold out roof tent attached, all the way through to what many might consider an RV. Each of these examples are almost a categories of trailers in themselves. Many of my examples may have numerous manufacturers that make similarly designed products, but  here are a few  of the cool ones I’d like to share with you.

1. Adventure Trailers



The first category or example of off road trailers is a compact, very utilitarian workhorse type of trailer. The Horizon trailer is a small tow-able that is divided into 3 practical compartments. The compartments are the main load box and two side boxes. The  combined total of the compartments provides an additional 54 cubic feet of tow-able storage space. This is equivalent to the cargo capacity of an SUV with the rear seats folded down. One side of  the trailer has a small kitchen consisting of a 2 burner stove on a slide mechanism, a removable cutting board which is built into the door, and space within the box for storage of cutlery, crockery, kitchen ware, spices, coffee presses, and other essentials. The main cargo area has a 12 volt compressor fridge, and the tongue of the trailer is used to mount the 19 gallon water tank, fuel cans, and a nose box. Mount a rooftop tent on top and you have a super cool, lightweight, highly maneuverable camping trailer that can go nearly anywhere.

Adventure Trailers_Horizon02

Adventure Trailers_Horizon03

Adventure Trailers_Horizon

2.Conqueror Campers



Now we are moving into more of a camper/caravan type of set up. The Conqueror commander is made by a company located in South Africa. One thing my research did teach me is that there are several companies in Australia and South Africa that have kick ass off road trailer designs and this is one of them. Some of the features include a fully patented independent suspension with coil springs, heavy duty shock absorbers and trailing arms for enhanced stability. There are modular slide out units for the kitchen, bathroom, fridge, hot water system and storage shelves, and the primary sleeping arrangements are located inside the trailer. The modular design allows for a large number of various configurations of tents and awnings, which allows increased “outdoor living” space. I think the super cool rugged look and the excellent use of space would put this off road camping trailer at the top of nearly any off road enthusiasts list… Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they have any dealers or distributors outside of South Africa.

conqueror commander 01

conqueror commander 02

conqueror commander 03


 3. Jayco



The Jayco Baja is more in line with your traditional canvas sided pop up camping trailer but it was “built for adventure and comfort”.  That being said, there are quite a few things that separate the Baja from your ordinary “pop up” camping trailer. With 15″ off-road tires, diamond plate located on the front and rear walls and a utility deck with ramps, rated for 1,500 pounds, you get a tough, off road ready camping trailer. This is definitely a spacious and more “civilized” way to camp. The interior of the trailer has a 3 burner stove, microwave oven, refrigerator and a 6 gallon water heater. The 20′ length and 4,500 pounds (not including cargo) make this a considerably larger trailer, but if you ask my wife, this is EXACTLY what she would want in an off road trailer.





 4. Moby 1

XTR Teardrop


The Moby 1 XTR teardrop trailer has been getting a lot of publicity lately, and in my opinion for good reason.  There has been a revival of the teardrop trailer design and it is very quickly becoming the “in thing” , but I believe the XTR is one of the best ones currently out on the market. The description below is  from Moby 1′s website because they so eloquently describe the XTR as…

The ultimate teardrop trailer

“The XTR is built around the principle that one should be able to hook up their vehicle and head out into the wilderness and not look back.  Hand crafted one at a time with all components hand picked as the highest quality available.  Many components are not available off the shelf and are designed and built in house specially for this trailer. The ability to keep all of your camping adventure gear contained with in the trailer ready to launch into your next adventure at a moments notice, not spending hours loading your vehicle is priceless.  The XTR was built with the ability to travel the globe, spend days even weeks unplugged from expectations and chaos of every day life.  Whether your trips are several week long expeditions or weekend getaways the XTR will enhance your journey.

It is capable of tackling any terrain where your ventures may take you.  With 4-5″ of travel custom coil suspension on independent A-arms with adjustable shocks will glide smoothly across rough terrain.  It effortlessly absorbs the abuse of endless miles of washboard roads, steps, drops and bumps of knarly off-road adventures.  Forays into very difficult terrain are no problem when paired with a multi-axis style coupler.  It’s frame has severe-duty reinforcements for durability, protection and long life in rough service conditions.”  I love the look of this trailer and the ability to expand it’s size by adding the second level roof tent. I tell my wife that’s the kid level and we would get the master suite. The finishes look exquisite, and this thing just looks tough. My wife may have her favorite off road trailer choice but the XTR by Moby1 is certainly mine!

Moby1 XTR Teardrop

Moby1 XTR Teardrop 02

Moby1 XTR Teardrop 03


 5. Airstream

Sport 16


Airstream trailers are both iconic as well as beautiful. They are certainly a premium trailer. The Airstream Sport 16 trailer is just over 16′ in length and weighs nearly 3,500 lbs with fluids and cargo. Combine that with limited ground clearance and minimal suspension travel, I don’t think you’ll be doing much “hardcore” off road camping, but if you’d like to get a little off the beaten path and still live the luxury lifestyle, this is the trailer for you… if you can afford the $38,000 price tag…PLEASE don’t tell my wife!

Airstream Sport 16

Airstream Sport 16_02

Airstream Sport 16_03

Well, There are my 5 examples of off road camping trailers. Like I said, there are numerous manufacturers of the various trailer types so assess what kind of camping you most like to do. Do you want to get to the most remote and rugged areas and still feel like your sort of roughing it, or would you prefer more of the creature comforts of home? Once you decide, you can begin to further research what brands and models best fit into your price range… or geographic location. Happy camping!


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  1. Jarred Potter April,2013 at

    Great set of trailers. Unfortunately, my truck’s lift kit makes it too tall to properly hitch something as nice as these. But I’ll have to remember these in the future.

    • Dave April,2014 at

      They make drop hitches for lifted vehicles, unless you need more than 1′ of drop. There are ball, and pintle-style options available.

    • kyle June,2014 at

      just add lift to the trailer, to match your truck

  2. Scott Chaney August,2013 at


    Nice article but you overlook the budget friendly DIY options. I just happen to have one of the few companies, Compact Camping Concepts, that specializes in DIY Tent Topped Camping Trailer. Check it out, let me know what you think

    • jp July,2016 at

      Couldn’t establish a solid connection on the website.

  3. Rose February,2014 at

    I bought a brand spanking new 21ft International Airstream because I was told it was by far the BEST well made trailer ever.

    It was great as long as it stayed on level pavement. As soon as I turned off the pavement every single thing started unscrewing, popping off and screwing up!

    I am horrified to see they list this unit as a great off road unit. I have $42K first hand experience. This is a wimpy stay on the pavement camper.

    • Jeepster Beardman July,2016 at

      Slow down off road and everything will stay together. Crawl slowly over any bump or pot hole. You will need to have things tweeked and adjusted at the end of each season. I agree that the 21ft may be too long for off road.

  4. Heidi Anderson July,2014 at

    These all look nice and seem to have their uses but if you want to check out an RV that can do it all, look at our website http://www.sheepcamps.com. These are time tested RV’s with a designed that has been around more than 60 years. We have taken the sheep camp concept and improved upon it. They are 2×4 constructed, with 3″ walls, very well insulated, heavy duty frames and a built in wood burning stove. Check ‘em out!

  5. Mark September,2014 at

    Before I were to buy any of the above mentioned, I’d get a “build completion date” guarantee. I’m waiting for one now for almost 5 months longer than the manufacturer said it would be complete!!! … To top that off, the communication has been less than stellar.

  6. Justin Joseph September,2014 at

    My son’s most favorite thing to do.

  7. Dana October,2014 at
  8. Matt December,2014 at

    I have been researching the Jayco Baja to hitch onto my 1996 Ford Bronco with a 4″ lift and 35″ tires and do off grid camping. I am 6’3 and find that the Baja offers double King sized beds to aid in sleeping my tall butt. I also like the fact that I can tow the Jayco with my half ton truck and do not need to modify it other than a 4″ drop hitch to match my lift kit. I live in Oregon and plan on exploring up through Canada. The Baja is self sustainable, so I won’t have any issues traveling off the grid. Thanks for the great article and reassuring my decision to purchase one by spring!

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    We are a new blend of rugged and refined.

  11. Scott Taylor June,2015 at

    can any of these be bought in the uk?

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  13. Stafford February,2016 at

    Check out the Starcraft 16 rb Extreme. High clearance, hybrid, very light! I own one and it’s the best, most versatile and comfortable dreamer we have ever had!
    Why people are overlooking this terrific camper is a mystery to me. It’s not even that costly.

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  15. CDNBEAR March,2016 at

    Hey, one can’t forget about the Coleman/Fleetwood Evolution series. I own a 2011 Coleman Evolution 3, and here’s a YouTube link that contains some details about it. Mine is also the same colour, but 3 years “newer”.


  16. david June,2016 at

    I just wanted to let you know that Conqueror off-road camping trailers will be available in the USA in late July, early August 2016 http://conqueror4x4usa.com/

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  18. Jeepster Beardman July,2016 at

    I’ve been off-roading with my 16′ Airstream Sport for a little over a year. The tow vehicle is a 2011 Jeep Rubicon with an AEV 2.5″ lift. Top speed on the freeway is about 65 – but big hills 35-40 mph. We’ve had great success on standard logging roads but have been limited when encountering ruts caused by washouts or “water bars” dug in across the road to prevent erosion.

    Under the trailer I removed the spare tire and black water clean out hose storage tube to increase ground clearance from the trailer tongue to the axle. The huge anti-sway bar hitching systems sold by the Airstream dealers reduces ground clearance to about 3-4″ and plows the road. I use a standard hitch when driving off-road. 8′ aluminum car loading ramps are used to clear larger obstacles, washouts and ditches, keeping the black water clean out pipe out of the rocks. I carry the ramps on a Thule roof rack mounted to the gutters. Dexter axles also offers a lift kit for the axles used on Airstream trailers that provides a 2-5/8th – 3″ lift. Next on my list of upgrades…

    Other upgrades purchased: Solar panel, rock guards, second battery. Two of us camp off the grid for 4 days with this set up.

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  20. eugene December,2016 at

    interesting, But a big but, only two of these trailers could possibly make it through Africa, no 1 the conqueror commander which i think would be the best and then maybe the teardrop. Idealy you would need independant suspension. We have been doing various expeditions in Africa, we currently in Ghana, and i tell you one thing the roads in some parts of Guinea bissau , sierra Leone, Liberia is crazy. we went through in the rain season and mud and holes everywhere. but amazingly fun our best roads still to come as we will set of soon for the Congo. Once we have found a trailer that can handle this.

  21. Marc March,2017 at

    Are there any good OffRoad traillers teardrop or any made in Canada? it’s a bit for for a Moby1 from Quebec :) and A 10 month waiting list, that was last year

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