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2013 New Years Resolutions

Kristopher Artz January,2013 No Comments

Well, I know this time of year it’s “the thing” to make New Years Resolutions that you don’t really intend to keep. That’s why I don’t usually bother making them… Except for this year!

Since the world didn’t end on Dec. 21st, 2012, I guess I have a new outlook for the future ; )  I want to make the most of my 2013 and that really includes spending as much time with myself and my family in the outdoors as possible. How to make that happen is really the biggest obstacle. So, with that being MY New Years Resolution, here are a few actions I am taking to ensure that I don’t fall short.

Set a clear and attainable goal

My goal is to do a fairly outdoor related trip 2-3 times per month. This may not seem like much to many, and I admit after having lived in Vail, CO for several years and having such quick and easy access to the outdoors, I am a little embarrassed that I have to do this at all, but with a full time office job in a major metropolitan area and young kids, This is a pretty big (but reasonable) goal.

Make a calendar… and use it!

Last year I started to do this and this year I am expanding upon it. I lay out every weekend and Holiday that I and my wife have off and then we go through and try to plan out some of the trips or places we want to go. When we are filling it out, we realize that things happen or come up and that it’s all subject to change. This is good to keep in mind…don’t freak out  and not put things down because you maybe can’t make it, but also stick to it as much as possible. For many, using a calendar may seem like an obvious and simple way to plan time, but until fairly recently, I have never used one. This has helped me tremendously because I can  look at scheduled weekends and more easily pinpoint open ones.

Revisit my resolution

Once I have written it down and filled in my calendar with dates, I will periodically revisit it and remind myself why I made the resolution in the first place. Sort of a way to re-evaluate why it was a resolution of mine in the first place and to see how I’m doing sticking to it.

I know this time of year there are 100′s of articles out there on ways to stick to your New Years resolution, but if your New Years resolution is similar to mine, I hope these tips help you fulfill yours and you see more places & spend more time in the outdoors. Happy New Year!


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