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15 Camp Fire Starting Tips

Kristopher Artz April,2013 No Comments

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Whether you use it for food preparation or strictly the ambiance, sitting around a campfire is perhaps one of the most memorable experiences of a camping trip… just ask any Smores loving kid, young or old. I don’t know about you, but there have been numerous occasions where I have had a difficult time getting a good fire started. When that happens, additional time and energy is spent dodging smoke and also constant attention must be paid to it to get it going. Sure this may not be a big deal when your car camping, but if you’re backpacking or in some sort of a survival situation, wouldn’t you like to have some additional method to help ensure you will be able to start a fire quickly and easily? Here are 15 different methods I have found that I believe will help ensure that your fire will start quickly. I say I believe, because I have not in fact tested all of these methods but  based on my knowledge and experiences, they all seem like they will do a great job in helping to get that campfire roaring in no time.

Although all of these methods should assist in starting a campfire, some methods are certainly not feasible to use on a backpacking trip or to carry on you every time you head out, so I have tried to group the ones I think are viable backpacking options towards the bottom.

General Campfire Starters:

Lint Paper Wax Carton

1.  Dryer lint and a use for all that shredded paper.



charcoal starter

2.  Couldn’t be much simpler than this… Charcoal Briquettes in an egg carton.




3.  Cardboard Soaked in wax.



paper rolls

4.  Fire starter out of twisted newspaper.



sawdust and wax


5.  Sawdust and wax in a cardboard egg carton.





6.  Toilet paper rolls stuffed with dryer lint.





7.  Pine cones and candle wax.



corks in alcohol


8.  Corks soaked in rubbing alcohol.



Backpacking Campfire Starters:



9.  Char cloth, twine, birch bark and bees wax.





10.  Petroleum jelly and dryer lint.



jute and wax


11.  Jute twine and wax.



cotton fire starter wafer


12.  Cotton disks soaked with wax.



cotton in straw


13.  Cotton stuffed into a straw.



self igniting fire starter


14.  A match wrapped with toilet paper and dipped in wax.



15.  Paper pulp formed and dried then soaked in wax.


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